Founded in 2018
, Gettable Groceries serves as a fintech startup designed to help individuals fight food insecurity across the globe. We do this by offering affordable monthly packages tailored for subscribers to access capital for food purchases, maximize shopping budgets, and prepare delectable meals for themselves and/or their family; in the event where personal funds are low. Our hope is that by providing this complimentary solution, customers can keep their stomachs full, regardless of their financial situation.

With monthly subscriptions
our customers can:

Access Capital

Receive monetary vouchers to use for food purchases at retailers across the globe.

Save While Shopping

Utilize coupons at checkout to maximize buying power.

Cook Delicious Meals

Prepare delectable dishes from our "secret" book of recipes, that fit taste and budgetary needs.


How It Works

Select A Subscription

Choose a package that fits your current needs.


Make A Payment

Pay the Startprice, then choose a future subscription payoff date.

Start Shopping

After accessing subscription content,
begin your shopping experience.



  • $25 Food Voucher
  • Coupons ($5 Value)
  • 5 Easy-to-cook recipes

Start Price


Due Later

Premium App Features

Schedule cooking sessions with
professional chefs/cooks for a unique cooking experience.

Earn Money. Sell Food.
Create a virtual restaurant by joining our Kitchen Incubator.      

Launch an online store within our mobile marketplace for
non-perishable food items.

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