A Mobile Solution for Global Food Insecurity


841 Million people across the globe face food insecurity

According to the USDA, "Food Insecurity" is defined as a consistent state in which in individual lacks access to adequate food as a result of limited funds and/or financial resources.

Meet Our Solution.

Within the mobile application, end users can

How It Works


Download Mobile App

Find on iOS, and Android platforms.


Sign loan documents in mobile application.


Recieve Funds

Credits are disbursed in $25/$50 increments.


Repay Later

Payback borrowed funds over time.


Premium App Features

Schedule cooking sessions with
professional chefs/cooks for a unique cooking experience.

Earn Money. Sell Food.
Create a virtual restaurant by joining our Kitchen Incubator.      

Launch an online store within our mobile marketplace for
non-perishable food items.

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